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- Global Winds Could Explain Record Rains, Tornadoes
- Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Planetary Systems
- NASA Orbiter Catches Mars Sand Dunes in Motion
- Could Rosemary Scent Boost Brain Performance?
- Jellyfish Inspires Latest Ocean-Powered Robot
- Eastern U.S. Forests Not Keeping Pace With Climate Change, Large Study Finds
- New Hybrid Technology Could Bring 'Quantum Information Systems'
- Young Star Rebels Against Its Parent Cloud
- How the Alphabet of Data Processing Is Growing: Flying 'Qubits' Generated
- World's Smallest Vertebrate: Tiny Frogs Discovered in New Guinea
- Magnetic Moon: Magnetic Anomalies On Moon Are Result of Asteroid Collision
- Robotic Bug Gets Wings, Sheds Light On Evolution of Flight
- First Dogs Came from East Asia, Genetic Study Confirms
- Why Some Animals Live Longer Than Others
- X-Rays Illuminate the Interior of the Moon
- Toward Twister Forecasting: Scientists Make Progress in Assessing Tornado Seasons
- Study Shows Brain Flexibility, Gives Hope for Natural-Feeling Neuroprosthetics
- 'Storm of the Century' May Become 'Storm of the Decade'
- Surprise: Protons Bypass Hydrogen Bonds but Still Change Molecules
- Neanderthal Demise Due to Many Influences, Including Cultural Changes
- In the Heart of Cygnus, NASA's Fermi Reveals a Cosmic-Ray Cocoon
- Exercise and Caffeine Change Your DNA in the Same Way, Study Suggests
- Vampire Star Reveals Its Secrets
- Why Do Dinosaur Skeletons Look So Weird?
- Major Step Forward Towards Drought Tolerance in Crops
- Researchers Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells
- IBEX Spacecraft Measures 'Alien' Particles from Outside Solar System
- Almost Perfect: Researcher Nears Creation of Superlens
- How Viruses Evolve, and in Some Cases, Become Deadly
- World's Lightest Material Is a Metal 100 Times Lighter Than Styrofoam
- New Image Captures 'Stealth Merger' of Dwarf Galaxies
- Sensing Self and Non-Self: New Research Into Immune Tolerance
- Egg-Producing Stem Cells Isolated from Adult Human Ovaries
- Relay Race With Single Atoms: New Ways of Manipulating Matter
- Brain Scans Support Findings That IQ Can Rise or Fall Significantly During Adolescence
- Study Shines Light On Brain Mechanism That Controls Reward Enjoyment
- Nanotrees Harvest the Sun's Energy to Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel
- Protective Gene Discovered in Fat Cells
- Rare Miller's Grizzled Langur Rediscovered in Borneo
- NASA's Swift Narrows Down Origin of Important Supernova Class
- Hippocampus Plays Bigger Memory Role Than Previously Thought
- Cosmic Rays Alter Chemistry of Lunar Ice, May Create Building Blocks of Life
- Scientists Produce World's First Magnetic Soap
- Genetic Survey of Endangered Antarctic Blue Whales Shows Surprising Diversity
- Patterns Seen in Spider Silk and Melodies Connected
- Sea Change Can Forecast South American Wildfires
- Hyperactivity in Brain May Explain Multiple Symptoms of Depression
- Road Runoff Spurring Spotted Salamander Evolution
- Most Recent European Great Ape Discovered
- Scientists Prove Plausibility of New Pathway to Life's Chemical Building Blocks
- 'Fishy Lawnmowers' Help Save Pacific Corals
- Hubble Uncovers Tiny Galaxies Bursting With Starbirth in Early Universe
- Abrupt Permafrost Thaw Increases Climate Threat, Experts Say
- Skin Cells Turned Into Neural Precusors, Bypassing Stem-Cell Stage
- Icarus Experiment Measures Neutrino Speed: Even Neutrinos Are Not Faster Than Light
- Genetic Information Migrates from Plant to Plant
- Alzheimer's Disease May Spread by 'Jumping' from One Brain Region to Another
- Brain Cells Responsible for Keeping Us Awake Identified
- Could Siberian Volcanism Have Caused the Earth's Largest Extinction Event?
- North America's Biggest Dinosaur Revealed
- Castles in the Desert: Satellites Reveal Lost Cities of Libya
- Genetic Signatures of Exceptional Longevity
- Nearby Planet-Forming Disk Holds Water for Thousands of Oceans
- Biologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Flies: Study Has Implications for Humans
- Global Sea Level Likely to Rise as Much as 70 Feet for Future Generations
- Hovering Not Hard If You're Top-Heavy
- Tiny, Implantable Medical Device Can Propel Itself Through Bloodstream
- NASA Study Solves Case of Earth's 'Missing Energy'
- Pasta-Shaped Radio Waves Beamed Across Venice
- TapSense: Touchscreen Technology Distinguishes Taps by Parts of Finger
- Researchers Develop Gene Therapy That Could Correct a Common Form of Blindness
- Astronomers Pinpoint Launch of 'Bullets' in a Black Hole's Jet
- Tortoise Species Thought to Be Extinct Still Lives, Genetic Analysis Reveals
- Biggest Ever Study Shows No Link Between Mobile Phone Use and Tumors
- How Bacteria Build Homes Inside Healthy Cells
- Babies Understand Thought Process of Others at 10 Months Old, Research Suggests
- Physicists Identify Room Temperature Quantum Bits in Widely Used Semiconductor
- Stratospheric Superbugs Offer New Source of Power
- 'Bubblegram' Imaging: Novel Approach to View Inner Workings of Viruses
- Global Carbon Emissions Reach Record 10 Billion Tons, Threatening 2 Degree Target
- DNA Sequencing Helps Identify Cancer Cells for Immune System Attack
- Rebuilding the Brain's Circuitry
- Switching Senses: Leeches Shift the Way They Locate Prey in Adulthood
- Carbon Dioxide Is 'Driving Fish Crazy'
- Before They Were Stars: New Image Shows Space Nursery
- Large Solar Flares Generate Geomagnetic Storm
- Ancient Stars Shed Light On the Prehistory of the Milky Way
- Planet Population Is Plentiful: Planets Around Stars Are the Rule Rather Than the Exception
- Whole New Meaning for Thinking On Your Feet: Brains of Small Spiders Overflow Into Legs
- Researchers Discover a New Path for Light Through Metal
- Cooling Semiconductors by Laser Light
- South Pole Telescope Homes in On Dark Energy, Neutrinos
- Sharp Images from the Living Mouse Brain
- Earthquake Friction Effect Demonstrated at the Nanoscale
- New Robots Can Continuously Map Their Environment With Low-Cost Camera
- Savanna Chimps Exhibit Human-Like Sharing Behavior, Anthropologists Say
- 'Double Tsunami' Doubled Japan Destruction
- Surprising Molecular Switch: Lipids Help Control the Development of Cell Polarity
- Members of Small Monkey Groups More Likely to Fight for Their Group
- Bacteria Tend Leafcutter Ants' Gardens
- 'Dark Plasmons' Transmit Energy
- Mystery of Source of Supernova in Nearby Galaxy Solved
- Astronomers Find Fastest Rotating Star
- New Compound Defeats Drug-Resistant Bacteria
- Sunshade Geoengineering More Likely to Improve Global Food Security, Research Suggests
- World's First Super Predator Had Remarkable Vision
- Exploding Stars: Important Clue Uncovered for Origins of Type Ia Supernovae
- Studying Bat Skulls, Evolutionary Biologists Discover How Species Evolve
- Is Fructose Being Blamed Unfairly for Obesity Epidemic?
- Astronomers Look to Neighboring Galaxy for Star Formation Insight
- Ocean Microbe Communities Changing, but Long-Term Environmental Impact Is Unclear
- Computer Program Scores 150 in IQ Test, Swedish Researchers Demonstrate

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